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Classic Coca-Cola with a Creative Twist

Sweater Weather is here!

And of course, with the steadily chilling weather and temperature drops, we’re also officially the sniffle season, the sore throat times, and the influenza frenzy, but the worst of the worst is the sore throat of doom.


But between cough medicine and bitter Chinese herbal teas that make me gag and vow off any type of medication, there is one particular remedy that I’ve used to battle the painful, inflamed throat since I was young: Boiled Coca-Cola with Lemon. The name says it all- it’s a hot drink made from the sugary soda and several slices of lemon for an extra citrus flavour!

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Steamed Food Delight

Thought the egg recipes were a thing of the past? Well, about that…

A few days ago I found myself debating whether or not I should attempt a dessert for my next post. I’ve had toast and omelettes and soups already, right? It was high time I tried something sweeter for a change, but my mom brought up a recipe for a dish that I haven’t eaten since I was a kid: a steamed egg dish. Sounds weird? It’s not quite a dessert, but don’t judge too quickly!


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Egg-cellent Egg Related Meals

I have a confession: I’m always egg-tremely late in the mornings.

But it’s not totally my fault! The usual happens: homework piles up, classes end late, I need to hand in that one assignment on turnitin by 11:59 pm, and the bed is such a nice, comfy, warm cocoon of blankets and pillows in the morning that I just don’t wanna leave…


That’s exactly what I look like trying to stay awake in class the morning after. And it doesn’t help that I won’t be able to focus on an empty stomach. So you can just imagine how egg-static I was when I learned about omelettes that can be made in a mug!

And the best part? This omelette can be cooked and ready to eat at home or on the go in 5 minutes!

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The Soupiest Soup

I see, you see, do you see what I– is that Seafood Soup!?

Okay, I might be a tad bit fanatical about seafood, but that’s because it’s just soooo good. However, it’s pricey to eat out and some seafood recipes can be difficult to try on your own.



Luckily, I found a recipe for a decent seafood brew that takes about fifteen minutes to make, and it’s full of flavour and makes a great addition to any meal!

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